Political advocacy is key to eliminating hunger across East Central Indiana. There are several ways you can make your voice heard for your community. Second Harvest is committed to helping community members get in contact with elected officials so we can effect change that matters.

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Why Your Voice is Important

As a community member, nobody’s closer to the heart of the issues than you. Lawmakers who come from a place of privilege lack perspective—when the ones in power to make change have never experienced the things that need changing, nothing gets done. Your voice is essential because it provides a window into the side of your community that they haven’t seen; when you share your experience, you’re informing a very important worldview.

Tell Your Story

Do you have an experience regarding food insecurity that you’d like to share? We’re here to listen to your story, and your narrative can provide valuable insight into the parts of your community that would most benefit from support. Share your story to help us provide even better service to you and your community in the future.

Recent Advocacy Issues

The voice of a community can have a huge impact on public policy. If you’re interested in directly advocating for issues that matter to you and your neighbors, consider reaching out to your representatives about these issues.

We strive to be as connected to the communities we serve as possible. Connect with us on your favorite social media platform!

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