Retailer Food Donation

Second Harvest needs all the food we can get to reach as many communities as we do. Your contribution will go a long way in improving the lives of neighbors in need, and we greatly appreciate any amount you can give. We source thousands of pounds of food from manufacturers and distributors who have an excess, and we could always use more. On the individual level, we are also happy to accept whatever amount you can muster!

Trucking & Logistics Companies

Have you had a truck load rejected, even though it still has some viable food or other essential resources? Bring it to us! We’re conveniently located off of Highway 3, central to many distribution centers in Delaware county.


We are in the business of turning waste to taste! If you have food that’s perfectly edible but isn’t moving from your shelves fast enough, let us know. We’re happy to work with your team for easy pick up, or connect you to another nearby agency.

Distribution Centers/Manufacturers

We partner with many national food distributors to rehome food so that everyone in the community has what they need. Whether you have a pallet or a truck load, we can put it to good use. Find out how you can join our network of partners today!

Call Heath Bradley and the rest of our food sourcing team at 765-287-8698 ext 180, or email them at

Address: 6621 N Old SR 3, Muncie, IN 47303

Thank you to Our Major Retail Distribution Partners!

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