Feeding thousands of families a week doesn’t come without its expenses. Your support allows us to operate on the scale we do, and any amount you give can be a life-changing difference to someone who needs it. Every dollar donated to Second Harvest provides four meals to neighbors facing food and resource insecurity in our community.

Partner With Second Harvest

Second Harvest recognizes our partners who make a significant investment in our community.
We invite you to become a partner by making a contribution at one of these investment levels.

Good Neighbor

As a Second Harvest Good Neighbor, you are an ally for our neighbors in need, serving them with your generosity.

Community Leader

As a Second Harvest Community Leader, you not only make an impact, but inspire others to invest in their community.

Change Maker

As a Second Harvest Change Maker, you are helping to reshape our community for generations to come.

Be a Monthly Meal Sponsor for a family near you!

For too many of our neighbors, there is a gap between what they earn ad what they need to avoid missing meals. We are looking for people to help us bridge that gap. For just $39 per month, you can help provide enough food to fill that gap for a family in your community.

Your monthly commitment lets us be strategic and forward-thinking. It lets us know that when we try a bold new approach to reach more neighbors and build stronger communities, you’ll be there to support us. Please join us in building something that lasts.






Thank you to Our Strategic Partners!

Leave a Legacy

Interested in making an impact that truly stands the test of time? Consider including Second Harvest in your final testament. Your legacy contribution can provide hope and support to a multitude of lives for years to come

Donate Food

Whether you have a box, pallet, or truck full of food, Second Harvest can use it to provide for a neighbor facing food or resource insecurity. When you donate food or host a food drive, you can join an ever growing list of businesses and individuals who serve their community and don’t let food go to waste.

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