Mobile Distributions

Mobile Distributions are our most direct way of getting food from our warehouse to our neighbors’ tables. These distributions make it so that food that would otherwise go bad while waiting in transit/storage is able to sustain those who need it, and allows us to reach food deserts in our community.

Distribution Types

Tailgates serve entire counties at a time. At these large-scale, drive-through distributions volunteers load food directly from one of our semi-trailers into the trunks of neighbors’ cars.

Small Community Distributions replicate the tailgate model in small towns, targeted to rural areas that might lack resources available in larger cities or for whom travel is prohibitive.

Van Distributions serve neighborhoods that lack sufficient access to nutritious food. Our vans are small enough that any volunteer can drive resources right into these food deserts.

Our new Mobile Market is an innovation in addressing hunger, especially rural hunger. Its size and flexibility means it can serve communities without larger parking lots or food pantries.

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