Advocate for Hungry College Students!

Midterms are hard enough on a full stomach—when students are hungry, they can’t perform their best. There are multiple bills in place in Indiana that would lighten the burden of hunger for college students.

You can make a difference for thousands of food-insecure college students by encouraging your elected representatives to take action on hunger today! Together, we can make a real change for college students. We’ve included a script for a phone call, or a draft of a letter, to get you started.

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Hi, my name is [Name], and I’m a constituent from [Home]

I am reaching out as a concerned citizen on behalf of SB 51 and HB1161. Your support of these bills will improve the quality of life for thousands of food-insecure Hoosier college students, and their resulting success will reflect wonderfully on our community. Please make the right choice when the time comes—please vote yes on SB 51 and HB1161.

Subject: Support SB 51 and HB 1161!

Dear [Decision Maker]

I’m writing to you in support of two upcoming bills, SB 51 and HB 1161.

We’ve all heard jokes about the food in college dining halls, but how often do we hear from students who can’t take part in the levity? Right now, bills are proposed that will improve the lives of thousands of hungry Hoosier students. SB 51 and HB 1161 will establish funding that would help universities better meet their students’ needs. 

Similar bills have already passed in 6 states and been introduced in 8 others, and Indiana would do well to contribute to this wave of student relief. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, 34% of IU Bloomington students skipped meals because of a lack of money—college coursework is very difficult even on a full stomach, and when that basic need isn’t being met it’s near impossible to focus on higher-order thinking like college assignments. These grants provided by HB1161 would establish on-campus food pantries and wraparound services for housing-insecure students, as well as fund investigation into on-campus hunger and its contributing factors. 

Your support of these bills ensures students have what they need to be successful. College graduates apply their knowledge to society in invaluable ways, and by helping them we are taking action toward cultivating a positive future for Indiana students, and for Indiana.


[Your Name]

[Your Address]

[Your City, State, ZIP]

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