Agency Impact: Operation Love

Recently, we heard a story about a neighbor who visited one of our Agency Partners, Operation Love, in Madison County. If you have ever transitioned between an old and a new job, you know that sometimes there can be a gap between paychecks. Operation Love helped a neighbor in this situation keep their kitchen stocked during the 3-week transition period through their choice pantry.


This neighbor visited Operation Love’s Choice Pantry. Choice pantries feel more like shopping in a grocery store and give guests dignity and options to choose food that better fits their cultural and dietary needs.

The result was an empowered neighbor with increased confidence in their finances. Wraparound services are a vital way food pantries can elevate their impact in the community. 

On top of the food they received, this neighbor met with Operation Love’s Human Services Coach, who was able to help this neighbor create a balanced budget and identify ways to save money. Operation Love helps about a dozen people a month with financial intervention, including budgeting assistance and developing sustainability plans and savings goals.

We’re glad to support programs like this and are looking for more agencies to partner with in 2023.  For more information, contact Sunni Matters at


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