Get involved during Hunger Action Month!

September is Hunger Action Month, an annual nationwide awareness campaign designed to inspire everybody to take action in the movement to end hunger. For each week in September, we have a corresponding goal to achieve to help end hunger in manageable steps. Try to complete one activity per week!

WEEK 1: Spread the Word

Wear Orange in September
Every Action Counts! Something as simple as wearing orange every day as a conversation starter can help raise awareness of the hunger movement and show your commitment to curing hunger. Take a selfie and tag us on social media!

WEEK 2: Get Informed

Attend the Facing Project Book Launch | September 12
We’re partnering with The Facing Project to write a book, Facing Resource Insecurity, a collection of stories about real people in the community surviving and thriving while dealing with food insecurity. Join us for a reading!

Sign up for the Poverty Simulation | October 25
You can only change something by first understanding it. Poverty Simulation is a 3-hour role-playing experience that will open your eyes to what life is like for families in our community experiencing poverty.

Watch The Working Hungry
The Working Hungry is a 30-minute film built around the stories of three families and, through them, the stories of more than 700,000 people across the state of Indiana. Most of these are working families, and their hunger is hidden from those around them. The compelling documentary asks why, in a time of low unemployment and food abundance, is food insecurity and hunger so prevalent and what can be done. The Working Hungry will dive deep into the reality of food insecurity in Indiana, and what more could be done to destigmatize the conversation, more clearly understand underlying causes, and truly end hunger.

WEEK 3: Get Involved

It only takes a little time to have a big impact. We have volunteer opportunities in every county we serve. Sign up to volunteer today!

Tell our lawmakers to pass a strong Farm Bill! Through the 2023 Farm Bill, our nation has a viable pathway to help the nearly 34 million people facing hunger in the U.S. put food on the table.

WEEK 4: Donate

Give Today!
Second Harvest can provide 40 Meals for only $10 thanks to our wide network of community partners, local and national. Hunger Action Month might be ending, but there’s a long way to go to cure hunger. Give now to get us a little closer.

Round Up!
When you shop at Kroger or Payless this September, you’ll have the option to round up or make a donation at the register. Every dollar you give goes straight to Second Harvest. Your spare change can make a difference!

Week 1: Spread the Word Wear orange all week to spread the word
Week 2: Get Informed Attend the Facing Project | Sign up for Poverty Simulation
Week 3: Get Involved Volunteer | Advocate for the Farm Bill
Week 4: Donate Support your local hunger-relief organization
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