Forward STEPS Allies

Give Back to Your Community, Become an Ally!

Allies volunteer to participate in this program and come from all walks of life and economic levels. Yet they all have a common interest in supporting others in their journey toward self sufficiency.

Allies are not sponsors and will not provide financial assistance. They may provide caring emotional support, and practical assistance through networking and resource building. Allies and the investigator determine together how often to communicate and interact. Types of activities and interactions can vary from one partnership to another.

Allies will walk alongside the investigator and support them in their journey toward self-sufficiency. The pair will develop a good, reciprocal relationship that allows the investigator to build social capital in the community. The ally will guide and advise the investigator by being their accountability partner.

To see if Getting Ahead is right for you, or  to become an Ally, fill out the form below.

Become an Ally

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