From The Courier Times: Second Harvest Food Bank’s Forward STEPS Initiative expands to Henry County

Recently, The Courier Times published an article about the expansion of Getting Ahead to Henry County. We had an unprecedented number of applications, which shows the need and potential of expanding this program.

According to [Carol Bradshaw, Forward STEPS Manager], Delaware County classes were typically capped at 16 participants. However, Henry County had 55 people apply to participate, so the local class was expanded to accommodate 20 participants. Registration for classes is now closed.

Also included in the article are a number of remarkable statistics showing the efficacy of this program.

Out of 252 Getting Ahead graduates surveyed (not specifically those enrolled in the Second Harvest program) the following statistics were obtained: 81 percent increased their income 67 percent are now self-sufficient and do not receive social services benefits 80 percent have decreased their debt 79 percent have increased their education 75 percent have opened a bank account In a two-year span, the average hourly wage increased from $10.63 to $17.66

Getting Ahead has made a huge impact for so many people over the year. We’re so excited to bring it to Henry County for the first time. Read the full article here!

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