A Day at Asbury Senior Safety Net

Adapted from a story by Carol Smith, Asbury UMC Volunteer

Today was another wonderful food distribution on a beautiful day! Guests waiting in line commented on how nice the weather was. Some talked about the flowers decorating their yards. They were served by the usual eager volunteers. The camaraderie is heartwarming, and they are a very ambitious group.

“I enjoy helping others, and would rather do the food distribution than give a sermon.” - Pastor Joe

It’s neat to see the line as the parking lot is full and then they line the road on all three sides of the church, making their way patiently in.  Some at the back of the line were concerned we would run out before they got their allotment but the line and the groceries all ended at about the same time. It was a nice assortment of groceries and many spoke of their appreciation. People were glad to have a variety of produce, as well as hygiene kits. The line seemed longer than usual and surely part of it was they were all trying to get there early enough to get the needed supplies. A visitor from Anthem stopped by to pass out resources for the folks in line … and cookies for the volunteers!

Just as the day was wrapping up, a man approached with a donation of his own — he saw this distribution was happening and wanted to share. It’s nice to see neighbor helping neighbor. Nicely done!

To learn more about our Senior Safety Net Initative or to find more resources for seniors, click here

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