It’s Easy Being Green

By design, Second Harvest’s mission of feeding the hungry and addressing the causes of food insecurity contributes to us being a “green” company. By distributing millions of pounds of food each year that would otherwise go to landfills, we mitigate gas emissions that are harmful to the environment and increase pollution. Simply put, the work we do helps minimize damage to the environment.

To reduce waste, we’ve been steadily upgrading our spaces and procedures towards a greener future. We‘ve outfitted our warehouses with LED lighting, a much more energy-efficient light-source, and we’re working to reduce paper usage at events and distributions by integrating portable technology into our processes. These are the small changes that make a big difference over time.

In 2019, thanks to a grant and the support of a generous donor, we were able to expand our Green Initiative and install a 40-panel array. These solar panels are located on the west end of our property and offset almost all the electricity used in our administrative offices. We hope to one day be able to run our warehouse on solar power as well!

As COVID-19 continues to loom and impact our neighbors in need, we’re grateful for the opportunity to reallocate those savings toward offering food and resources required for long-term stability. Bridging the gap toward food security will always be our main drive and focus.

To learn even more about our Green Initiative and to support the expansion of our solar array, click here.

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