Solar Panel Project

Second Harvest is going solar! As part of our larger Green Initiative towards a more harmonious relationship with our planet, we have installed a Solar Panel Array in the field next to our main office. This single array supplies around 25,000 kWh’s of energy a year, enough to offset over half of the energy need for our offices!

Food Banks are important for conservation. Much food that might have been thrown away is donated to food banks, where we can then distribute it to communities in need. Yearly, food banks save 2.68 million metric Tons of food, mitigating over 10 Billion kg of CO2 Emissions. Since January, Second Harvest itself has mitigated around 3,800,000 kg of CO2 emissions through food donated to us that would otherwise have gone to a landfill.


Second Harvest has been making strides towards resource efficiency for some time now, including implementing iPads to replace Tailgate Paperwork and switching to LED lighting in the warehouse, instead of incandescent. However, we will need many more arrays for our overall energy needs – mostly generated by the cooler and freezer. To that end, we’ll be expanding our solar arrays periodically, but we need your help!

We are accepting donations for our next solar array. For more information about this project, you can contact Robby Tompkins, Director of Philanthropy, by email or by phone at 765-286-8698 x 119.

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