Together We Are Making An Impact – Thank You

We are getting more food out the door than last year. That is really good news. Our food distribution is up over last year by 9%. We are seeing more struggling families receive enough food to cover the average gap of 7 pounds per person per week. That number is important. When someone is able to access that amount of food in one location they not only receive enough food to cover their gap for a week, but they will not have to visit another location that week which saves time and limited resources. Being able to have a little more time and resources is sometimes all that is needed for someone to be much closer to self-sufficiency versus being dependent on a system that forces them to make multiple visits to different locations. What would your life be like if you had to visit multiple stores to get what you needed to eat and had a quarter of a tank of gas until Friday?

Educators tell us that kids do better in school when the parents are engaged and are in sync with the school staff. The School Pantry Program is designed to facilitate a positive experience to get parents and teachers talking about positive things happening with the children, who in turn respond to the positive messaging they hear at home and at school by seeing themselves in a positive path for the future. Raising a generation of kids who are aimed at a self-sufficient adulthood that will not need a safety net of social service providers is what this program is about. We all need kids to find a path (not the same path) to making it on their own and to raise their children to be self-sufficient as well. Our efforts are prioritized to make shortening the line of need our first priority.

We engage struggling families to take the steps needed to end the poverty cycle and the rest of the community to facilitate those steps by removing barriers they may not even are aware that exist. We want to change the system and drive permanent impact. If you would like to learn more about barriers, we have experienced facilitators and would love to partner with you to host a training session.

Have a great July,
President & CEO

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