Happy Anniversary

Each July we celebrate the anniversary of when we began as an organization. We have completed 33 years of operation and are starting our 34th year this month. We incorporated as an organization in 1983 and began as an affiliate of Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana. Our name at that time was the East Central Regional Indiana Food Bank. The organization came together through a group of Anderson residents who believed in the food banking concept when a program was operated from the Community Action program led by Jack Samuels. Although that early program faded out with the Community Action agency, city leaders led by Mayor Tom McMahan believed that food banking was a good solution to the problem of hunger in Madison County.

Hazel Minnefield was a member of the early board of directors of the food bank. From board member, she moved into a coordinator position, was trained at Gleaners Food Bank in Indianapolis as a Vista Volunteer and then was appointed Executive Director of the East Central Regional Indiana Food Bank, a position she held for five years. Her vision attracted the attention of the community which resulted in the development of the Food Bank as a regional food warehouse and distribution center with solid community funding, including that of the United Way of Delaware, Madison and Grant counties.

I joined the board of directors to complete the term of Judy C. Miller who was an associate of mine at Pay Less Super Markets. I became board chair in 1985 and served on the board again in the 90’s. Lois Rockhill became the Executive Director in 1989 with Hazels’ departure and served until 2012. She expanded the program reach and food distribution into all 8 counties that we serve. The funding base grew in the other counties as well. Lois was a tireless fundraiser. I joined the staff in 2005 and became the President & CEO in 2012. During that time we have seen our food distribution grow to a peak of just under 13 million pounds. Also over those years we have also instituted several initiatives to address food insecurity in targeted programs for children and seniors.

Our new strategic plan has positioned us for the future to address food insecurity with the vision of seeing the people of East Central Indiana free from hunger and self-sufficient.

Tasked with the mission of providing help for today by feeding the hungry and hope for tomorrow by addressing the causes of food insecurity while empowering people toward self-sufficiency, we are engaging all 8 counties in new ways with new programs and partners to be very targeted with our resources that you provide to us.

Thank you for your support over all these years that continues to enable us to provide help and hope to thousands of struggling families.

Have a great July!

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