There are over 18,000 children in East-Central Indiana who don’t have reliable, nutritious meals, along with other barriers to success caused by poverty. The Big Idea initiative unites schools, families, and resource providers in order to distribute resources, build connections, and create opportunities for children to chart a path to long-term stability.

The Big Idea School Events | Diaper Bank | Period Supplies


A Path Forward
Big Idea events create an opportunity to connect school staff, families, career presenters, and local organizations to ultimately benefit the entire community. Caregivers, students, and school staff learn about ways to improve the social/emotional/wellness factors that positively impact a student’s learning environment.  All of these pieces join together to form one Big Idea. The Big Idea that our children, families, schools, and communities thrive when we all work together to support and encourage everyone’s individual talents and dreams.

At a typical Big Idea school event, we provide approximately 30-35 pounds of food for a family. We encourage schools to implement a choice model to create a shopping experience for families, because people deserve a choice in nutrition. Food often includes shelf-stable items, fresh produce, and freezer items.

Hygiene Supplies
Often families are forced to choose between certain items to make their budget work. We strive to supply basic hygiene products like soap, toothpaste, shampoo, laundry products, cleaning supplies, period supplies, household paper products, and more through our Big Idea schools.

Community Resources
At Big Idea events, essential resources for healthcare, job security, college assistance, community/family programs, and more are available to attendees. By making these resources readily available we help alleviate time and transportation related barriers that would often prevent families from taking advantage of these community resources.

Caregiver involvement and the school-family relationship in education is crucial in achieving: higher test scores, better attendance, improved behavior/social skills, and adaptiveness.  The Big Idea initiative is intentionally designed to shift the focus from solely a food distribution to having a more community event feel, encouraging engagement from all caregivers.


We partner with schools all across East-Central Indiana. Is your school one of them? Check the listings below to see if your child attends one of our Big Idea Schools. If so, you’re welcome to attend one of their distributions. Reach out at the number or email provided to find out when to arrive!


Through our partnerships, we provide diapers, wipes, and other supplies to parents of young children. 1 in 3 parents struggle to afford diapers, but thanks to our membership in the National Diaper Bank Network we were able to distribute almost 400,000 diapers in 2021.

Learn more about our Diaper Bank and its supporters here


No one should have to miss school because they can’t access menstrual health supplies. Thanks to our partnership with the Alliance For Period Supplies we are able to make them freely available to schools to meet this need so that students can focus on learning.