Supporting our Seniors

Second Harvest’s Senior Safety Net program provides aid to thousands of seniors. In 2022, Senior Safety Net distributed over 290,000 pounds of food and supplies to seniors in need, and we look forward to a similarly huge impact in 2023.

Cambridge Square apartments, a community of 140 senior residents who sometimes struggle to avoid missing meals, is one institution that’s been equipped with a Senior Safety Net distribution. Lisa Evans, the Service Coordinator at Cambridge Square, tells us “we have residents that run out of food every month and without Second Harvest food donations, we would have more residents here that go hungry.” This inconsistency cannot go ignored, because it shows that even existing support networks like senior living communities can struggle with nutritional deficit.

Senior Safety Net volunteers from residential area management are able to troubleshoot problems, like a broken oven, during the food distribution.

Regarding nutrition, Lisa explained that “the donations also help with residents…that are on special diets. So, for example, when we get broccoli, carrots, and potatoes it allows residents to spend their food stamps/money on other things needed for diets.” Things like vitamin supplements and special meal items that may be necessary for a senior’s healthy nourishment are not always covered by SNAP or other government aid, meaning that food-insecure seniors must often make a choice between essential foods and “specialty” food items. Senior Safety Net ensures our neighbors won’t have to grapple with this ultimatum and are getting all the nutrition they need.

“I don’t have my teeth, but I gotta have style!” – A guest at the Cambridge Square Senior Safety Net

We love seeing how much impact we can make this early into the year, and thank coordinators like Lisa who allow us to reach as many as we do. Second Harvest is looking forward to continuing these trends throughout the rest of the year!

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