Test Your Knowledge

Test your knowledge on food pantry activities and client behaviors (based on averages).

Question #1 – What percentage of clients

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Summer Plans a Chore for Many Families

roadtripWhen I consider all the items to check off the list to plan a summer vacation, it is daunting. So … Learn More “Summer Plans a Chore for Many Families”

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Child Hunger Programs are Top Priority

appleAs we finished our Strategic Plan update in 2015, we challenged ourselves to examine what we have been doing programmatically … Learn More “Child Hunger Programs are Top Priority”

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Hungry Children = Hungry Families

Ask any teacher in almost any school if children are coming to school hungry. It’s almost always a yes.

childstudying2Then … Learn More “Hungry Children = Hungry Families”

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How Much Will This Cost Me

sinkWe came home from church and had no water pressure. The pump was running and was hot to the touch, … Learn More “How Much Will This Cost Me”

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Power Outages and Frozen Pipes

winterOur recent cold snap with high winds caused some significant power outages around East Central Indiana. You’re probably already aware … Learn More “Power Outages and Frozen Pipes”

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Help for Today Hope for Tomorrow

We have finished our Strategic Plan for 2016 – 2019. Our board has set us on a course with an … Learn More “Help for Today Hope for Tomorrow”

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We are looking for partners to combat child hunger

Child Hunger Programs will be ramped up for us starting in 2016. We received a two-year grant from C&S Warehouse, … Learn More “We are looking for partners to combat child hunger”

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Food Desert Map can change

A recent article in the Star Press talked about the “food desert” that exists on the Northeast side of Muncie. … Learn More “Food Desert Map can change”

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Walking with someone is different than supporting them

I have always been a pretty independent person, even when I have a need. Trying a complete a project without … Learn More “Walking with someone is different than supporting them”

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