First Monday

First Monday: Growth and Development are Always Welcome

We are looking ahead past winter and see an exciting spring on its way. Our food distribution so far in 2017 has been larger than we predicted it would be; that’s always welcomed news.

We will participle in a pilot program “Mixing Center” that will be starting at Gleaners Food Bank in Indianapolis in March or April. This pilot program is centered on fresh produce. The idea is to have 20-30 food banks in this region of the country who would draw from Gleaners on a weekly/monthly basis for a variety of fresh produce to meet the needs each food bank has for produce. This would allow a food bank, even a small one, to have a variety that would be in quantities workable for local distribution.

For Second Harvest, we would begin to see a consistent supply of wider variety than we have now. That would enhance our School Food Pantry Program very nicely. It would also strengthen our offerings to our agencies in our eight-county service area. This new opportunity could assist us with being able to have gaps of donation filled in with some wonderful products.

We are also moving toward the 13th graduation class of our Delaware County Circles program. The nine people who are now enrolled in this 16-week coursework will be graduating in April. This is certainly a milestone achievement for all who are currently around the table each week.

This opt-in program is designed to assist and help develop pathways toward self-sufficiency for an individual by setting Smart Goals with accountability and growth in expanded relationships with committed allies. This important first step is critical for someone to move from a life many describe as day-to-day survival up a strategic pathway to achieve self-sufficiency. The ultimate goal of this program is to see people thrive in the community free of safety net social services who contribute back through reciprocity for the betterment of all.

Tim Kean
President & CEO

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First Monday: Want To Get Out of the House and Help?

Volunteers are the backbone of what we get done. We had roughly 11,000 hours of volunteers in 2016 that were logged into our record keeping system. I’m pretty sure we had more that didn’t get registered or captured in our database. That number of hours is roughly equal to an additional 10 part time employees each working 20 hours per week!

Our volunteers come from Ball State students, faculty, business organizations, churches, service clubs, youth groups, retirees, work-release programs, service day events and schools just to name a few.

We are ready for volunteers Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 4:30 pm and the first Saturday morning each month (unless it is a holiday weekend). You don’t need to schedule an appointment unless you are a large group (probably 12 or more), just show up and stay as long as you like. We are ready for volunteers every day. Our goal is to be the first place people think of when they want to volunteer and to provide to most positive volunteer experience that they will have.

We have all types of activities available, warehouse product sorting and packaging, clerical functions, cleaning, outdoor work with our facility upkeep, meal preparation (yes, with our Circles Program), special event assistance and others. If you would like to spend some time and connect with others who are making some great things possible contact Yolanda Velez, our Volunteer Coordinator at 765-287-8698 ext. 111 or

Have a great February,


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